With the release of SS 16 A SUMMER JOURNEY we have signalled a new beginning.  We have transitioned from a trusted pant company with heritage to a modern lifestyle brand in pursuit of a more fashionable image. Our design philosophy reflects minimal contemporary looks while blending femininity and busy lifestyles. The inspiration for our ranges is driven from
retail feedback, listening to our accounts & further design direction from a combination of merchandising trips to Europe & the USA.


Is for Women who have busy lives, and a desire to wear easy versatile pieces and portray modern femininity. Women who value Macjays heritage and essential classic pieces, combined with many feminine looks.  Macjays are a multi faceted company & our ranges cover every aspect of fashion apparel. Always highly regarded for our pants, (read famous) for fit & fabrication. Macjays now create ranges that cover a vast spectrum, which includes everything from casual to tailored Pants, Jackets, Vests, Shirts, Knitwear, T shirts & Dresses in both our summer & winter collections.


MACJAYS turns 35.  Over the past 35 years customers have remained loyal to Macjays fashion and in particular their pants due to the fit, style and fabrics being second to none.  Customer quotes:

Dianne: “I am a Gold coast fashionista. i love my fashion and know good from bad, and Macjays pants are the bombshell of fashion, they have passed my test with a flying a+, they shape and maximize my gluteus maximus.”

M. Baird: “I am a New Zealander living in Mougins near Cannes France.  I used to purchase Macjays when I lived in NZ.  I missed them so much that I had a friend bring me over 2 pair of 3/4 pants and a pair of black long pants.”


MACJAYS phases in off shore production with key partners that are continually trained in quality garment manufacturing processes.  The partnerships are incredibly beneficial as our high quality standards have been maintained while our cost of production has reduced.  The added value to off shore manufacturing allows us to focus on improving our core strengths of design, sourcing, production, logistics and sales & marketing.  While a large majority is made off shore we still manufacture and sample locally on select lines.


Russell hands over the design reins but continues to to guide and support the design team as his love of the design process is as strong as the day he started.


MACJAYS enters the Australian market and it is immediately taken up. We are now represented in over 300 stores across New Zealand and Australia and it is no surprise our exceptionally fitting pants lead the way.


MACJAYS cutting and sewing factory expands to accommodate the rapid success.


MACJAYS founded the edgy brand “Gumboots” targeted at the fashion and body conscious market.   Edgy t-shirt designs lead the way to a complete line of edgy fashionable clothes.


MACJAYS  was formed May 4, 1976 in Auckland, New Zealand.  Russell Jones and Andy McDonald, the founders, take the letters from their surnames (Mc and J) and voila MACJAYS is born.   Russell’s creative genius and eye for detail combined with Andy’s sales prowess rockets the company to immediate success.

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